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HMS (Hour Managment System)

Hour Allocation System.


Short Description:

A powerfull Hour Allocation System.

This is a simple Management tool. Every Day you can giveup a mesage, what have you done and how long you (or any people) was this people in the Firm.
It can create for every People a useracount, whit this the user can login into the DB.
A Administrator (a user with Admin status) can show the list of hour and Description every Month an can say that the Day is ok.


Platform: - Linux
- Windows
- Mac
- Solaris
- and so on


Required Libraries & Programms: - a Perl Interpreter Version 5.8.4 or above (http://www.cpan.org)
- a Webserver with support Perl-Scripts (http://www.Apache.org)
- the Perl Module "Calendar::Generate.pm" you can get at: http://www.cpan.org
- the Perl Module "DBI.pm" for SQL Server - a SQL-Server that the Perlmodule DBI.pm support. (we prefer MySQL http://www.mysql.org)


Running HMS: You need a simpel Webbrowser to show the HMS.

Question or anythinkelse to: f l o @ t u x e m p i r e . d e