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Installation instruction,
and general Infos
General Information
This is the HMS (Hour Managment System) version 1.1.
With this Programm you can Manage in a Firm the Time that any employee work on the Day
and the can discribe the think what he have done this day.
Every workman have an own Account. 
This Programm is a OpenSource. The License for the Programm is the GNU GPL License.
The Project is Hostet on SourceForge.Net.

The official web site is:
The official project site is:

-   a Perl Interpreter Version 5.8.4 or above (http://www.cpan.org)
-   a Webserver with support Perl-Scripts (http://www.Apache.org)
-   the Perl Module "HTML::CalendarMonthSimple.pm" you can get at: http://www.cpan.org
-   the Perl Module "DBI.pm" for SQL Server
-   a SQL-Server that the Perlmodule DBI.pm support. (we prefer MySQL http://www.mysql.org)


The Programm is runing under different OS.

On Linux
On Linux start the INSTALL.PL Script.
This Script will automaticly install all files and create a Database on
the Databaseserver (for example MySQL-Server), create the Table and
Set the Administrator User.

on Windows
In the Moment it gaves no Installationsroutin.
coming son.......
see Install Manual

Is not Testet but i think it is working on this OS.
see Install Manual

Install Manual
At first install the required packages see into the README from the Packet.

Copy all Files into a prefere Directory to the cgi-bin Directory from the Webserver.
Cange index.cgi right to Executable all (Unix 755).

Create a index.html File in the htdocs(or other name, it is different between Webserver)

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; URL=/cgi-bin/$DEF_DIR/index.cgi">

or you can link it from a exist Webpage.

in the End
for any Questions you can write a E-Mail to:
    f l o @ t u x e m p i r e . d e

    or help yourself :-).